[Top 10 Favorite Characters of TV Shows] - 9th - Violet Harmon (American Horror Story)

And in their triumph die, like fire and powder.
Which, as they kiss, consume.

the gift of beautyTAISSA FARMIGA

↳  [Evan Peters about her]“Taissa is fantastic, she’s such a sweetheart. It’s not hard to look like you’re in love with her, you know?” 

Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga on “The Bling Ring” set. 

Emma Watson with Taissa Farmiga on the set of ‘The Bling Ring’. [04/09]


Look at who’s on the Red Carpet!! Looking good!

Taissa Farmiga in “Higher Ground”

I also love working with Taissa. She’s so sweet and just a breath of fresh air. In between takes she’s just so normal, and it’s kind of nice to just snap out of it for a minute and hang out with her for a second and have to pop back in it. And the whole Violet-Tate things is…I’m a big hopeless romantic, so it’s kind of cool to be able to act out some of that stuff in the scenes with her. It’s pretty cool. —Evan Peters (via deartatelangdon)