How You Get Joseph Morgan To Spill Secrets: Get Him Some Comics From Comic-Con [x]

Joseph Morgan for Cosmo, August 2012

Joseph Morgan plays ‘Sophie’s Choice’ [x]
Candice Accola plays ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ [x

#His fucking face in the last gif #Jomo you so horny bb #OBVIOUS reasons #And also #I love how she only said Kol #Because she had already kissed Klaus in the last round #Its okay Candice bb #You can break the rules #We’ll make an exception #You can kiss him both times #My Little Rebel

"I’m too smart to be seduced by you."

"That’s why I like you"

I’m sorry
I’m not what you wanted
I’m sorry
I’m sorry I let you down

— The Maine


The Vampire Diaries cast at the ISF Empoweresque Event