a perfect example of harry styles being harry styles



Matt from The 1975 talking about Harry +


but what if harry was really angry at you and you’re standing at a corner because you ran away and its pouring and harry finds you skids his truck to the curb and slams the door behind him and is drenched head to toe and screams demanding to know why you left and especially without a jacket and do you have any idea what could have happened without protection and you say nothing and just stare at him and he bites his bottom lip and lunges forward and grabs your jaw and his hands wrap around your neck and he kisses your lips so passionately and desperately that tears spring to your eyes and you both just stand there in the pouring rain bodies pressed together and in his care forever because of hushed whispers baby don’t do that to me ever again


nice shirt harreh it’s absolutely dripping with testosterone


nice cake birthday boy, what lovely pink carrots oh hey ‘birthday’ is dotted with a heart how cute


nice tiara princess where is your glass slipper to go with it


i know you’d prefer if it were your bf so would i tbh


i swear there is not a single heterosexual bone in that boy’s body


You can’t just make a blog called “killharrystyles” you cUNT - Jenna

The Baby Direction - Up All Night